Masonry Services

Fugen provides a comprehensive range of contracting services, including:

Types of services

  • Tenders
    • Cost planning
    • Lump sum
    • Schedule of rates Work

  • Commercial
    • Supply and install brick and blockwork
    • Structural Blockwork
    • Retaining Walls
    • Detailed Brick Facades
    • Façade construction (design input where required)
    • Landscaping
    • Speedpanel

Types of projects

  • Commercial high rises
  • Shopping centres
  • High rise residential
  • Regional Works
  • Government projects (schools, universities, hospitals, etc)
  • Sporting facilities (stadiums, pools, etc)
  • Structural Masonry Walls
  • Data Centres
  • Transport Stations (Metro)
  • Retaining Walls

All works are carried out in a professional manner and with a strong focus on quality and safety.

To determine the viability of a project as early as possible, Fugen can assist its clients by providing costing and construction advice.

Quick Turnaround​

Dedicated Support​

Over 38 Years Experience

5 Star Rating​

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