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Workplace policies

Fugen has a fully-documented occupational health and safety management system which has been independently audited to ensure it meets the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.


Each Fugen project is provided with a site safety plan specifically designed to suit that project’s particular conditions. These are developed together with employees, management and consultants.

During the course of a project, both the site safety plan and the site itself are independently audited by The Change Network. Following completion of the audit, a report is issued to the project managers and directors outlining any corrective action required.

Industrial Relations

Fugen has a proven record for maintaining good industrial relations. One of the keys to our proactive IR approach is the regular process of consultation between employees and management discussing current and pending issues, including safety, programming, materials handling, access and site accommodation.

Any disputes that arise are resolved at site level by the supervisor and or director.

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